I am a forty-ish, stay-at-home slacker mom, cop’s wife and sometime writer with a slightly skewed sense of reality and a healthy fear of clowns and potty training. I love my kids with an intensity usually reserved for the criminally insane, I think my husband is Batman and I secretly long to live in the south, surrounded by cicadas and pie. I believe in God. I believe in taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. I believe in being kind to one another. I believe that everyone deserves the same rights regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. I believe that my husband is going to survive a zombie apocalypse. And I believe that the key to a happy life is a sense of humor and low standards. I’m so far from perfect that I couldn’t get there with a road map and a Sherpa but I think our imperfections are what make us interesting. I happen to be reeeeally interesting.

And I have a big noggin.

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