My normally scheduled post will not occur today as I will be flying up to my 25th high school reunion alone and I need time to categorize and pack my anxieties. And also to prepare the house to not go up in flames while I’m gone. This is a long and involved process, requiring all of my concentration and stomach meds. I’m sure you understand.

I will return on Monday…unless my plane goes down in flames, or the kitchen at the brewery explodes and I’m killed by a flying pint glass, which, come to think of it, isn’t a bad way to go…the pint glass, not the plane crash…but only if the pint glass hits me in the back of the head so that it doesn’t ruin my make up. I want to look decent for the paramedics and then for Hubs when he has to identify me. That’s important.

Please make sure that Hubs remarries someone who is kind but completely unattractive. Someone the kids will love, but never as much as they love me.

Thank you.

Excused Absence

English: Feral cat showing fear, and lack of s...

Traveling with children is like trying to rescue a feral cat in the fast lane of a freeway filled with semi trucks–chances are there will be carnage. At the very least, your outfit is not coming out in one piece. On the other hand, if you survive the ordeal, you’ll laugh about it later over beer and pain reliever. You might even look back on the harrowing event with fondness.

Traveling with Children